Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Flowers aren't just for funerals

Funerals are one of the saddest occasions that we attend in a lifetime. We are deeply in thought and usually do not have much to say as the guilt and sadness of losing someone dear is riddled inside. 
We often look to give flowers as thought to share a memory of someone passing at the time of a funeral, which is why Londonflowernet have a collection that can be personalized. You can select which layout I.e., if you would like a spray, cushion, heart shape, cross shape, basket, bouquet, lettering or even the gates of heaven and then chose which color and type of flowers you would like within reason. 
We can even have them delivered to you as we have the fastest flower delivery in Twickenham, which is where our flower shop is, in west London. We promise to provide you with freshest funeral flowers arrangements as well as making sure they have been completed to a high standard. 
Flowers do not always have to be associated to the time of a relative or friend passing; they can also represent a joyous occasion such as an anniversary or a birthday. Flowers show a token of appreciation and love as well as a sign to show that you care. Make every bouquet as beautiful as the last when flourishing your loved ones in flowers.
For more ideas on flowers or to purchase any arrangements for any upcoming events head over to the website where you view all our collections.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

London flower net prove romance isn't dead!

Seeing as Valentine’s Day has just passed there’s no reason to stop being romantic and spoiling the loved one with presents, chocolates, treats and most importantly a rose or too. You should be spontaneous and when she is least expecting it get some fresh flowers delivered to her.
London Flowernet Provide a the service of flower delivery in the Twickenham area, so if you have an all-important anniversary coming up get looking online now for the perfect flower arrangements that scream out how much you love your partner.
On the website we have, a special section for the ‘already made’ romantic bunches. So if you are booking in the spare of the moment its simple as you can see how your bouquet will be presented to the lucky receiver. 
London Flowernet also have a flower shop in Twickenham so if you are local to the area stop in and select a cluster of delicate flowers for the lady at home, she will most certainly be pleased as we also ensure they freshest flowers are selected.
You do not need an excuse to be romantic, use flowers as the perfect gesture on a daily basis. You do not have to be overly slushy with special items such as our romantic flower arrangement or for the one I love bouquet but no doubt anyone receiving them will be truly grateful. You can just stick to the classic pink bouquet of roses. Either way get online or down to our shop and prove that romance isn’t dead.

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