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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Discussion Online Banking Exam

First of all we discuss the banking exam . usually in the offline mode candidates are provided with a test booklet. Candidates are to carry pencils, rubber, sharpener etc with themselves. They have to open the booklet at the scheduled time and answer the questions. While answering they used pencil or rubber to darken the relevant ovals/squares (omr) on the answer sheet. After the test ended, they have to hand over the answer sheet to the invigilator or the invigilators themselves collected answer sheets from the seats of candidates. The candidates are used to this system as this had been in vogue for long.
Now, the present process comes before you with a marked difference. You may carry pencil or eraser with yourself or not or you will be provided with them, proper information in this regard will be communicated to you by the RICEM.When you reach your examination center, you will get a computer at your seat of the examination center.The mouse and keyboard buttons and question will appears.You will answer your questions or change your answer with the help of buttons. You can prioritise the sections of exams with the buttons. Your total job will be performed only with mouse and 3-4 buttons/keys.

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